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About Us

At Timeless Matter we operate from Jordan, Amman

And as most of the big brands such as Apple, Samsung most of our products are shipped from the main factory in China in-order to bring you the best prices in the market while maintaining high quality.

💙 Timeless Matter is the product of a passion for the human wonders and the will to provide everyone with breathtaking opportunities.


Who doesn’t dream of not having to vacuum their house every week?

Of having a phone case that can charge your phone magically during the day for up to 3 times?

To get rid of mosquito bite itching in a fly?

We believe everyone should have access to all the novelty the world brings us every year. We all deserve to save time on chores, have peace of mind and ease our pain.


💜 We make things easy for you. We make the most recent technologies accessible to everyone at the lowest price. That's what we breathe for.
Here at Timeless Matter we strive to bring our customers the best products and customer service!