Posture Corrector - Back Posture Brace (Back Straightener) – Timeless Matter
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Posture Corrector - Back Posture Correction Brace New Back Brace Timeless Matter
Posture Corrector - Back Posture Correction Brace New Back Brace Timeless Matter
Posture Corrector - Back Posture Correction Brace New Back Brace Timeless Matter
Posture Corrector - Back Posture Correction Brace New Back Brace Timeless Matter

Posture Corrector - Back Posture Correction Brace

Timeless Matter

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Posture Corrector Back Brace

back brace posture corrector

If you are suffering from chronic back pain or poor back posture, you are not alone. Around 40 percent of the population has a back-related problem. At a certain age, poor back posture can be very unhealthy and cause serious problems for the person. 

Poor back posture (and back pain) is a problem for everyone. Whether you are an athlete or just working behind your computer, you are at risk of suffering from the same problem. 

Our Back Posture Corrector is a universal fit-all-size product that will change the lives of millions. It is designed to fit on everyone, and its purpose is eliminating bad posture, removing the muscle imbalance and helping a person get rid of the unnecessary back pain. On the long run, it can also help prevent any injuries from occurring and improve one’s health overall.

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What really stands out about this back brace is that it's comfortable to wear when your posture is on point, but becomes uncomfortable if you lose proper form. This makes it easy to gradually train your muscles to hold proper alignment.

What You Need To Know About The Posture Corrector

Easily Adjustable: The magnetic back posture corrector comes with the adjustment strap, allowing the user to choose any chest size between 28 and 48 inches. This makes our product unique and available to everyone.

Great For Your Back: By pulling back your shoulders and upper back, it “forces” the user to walk and sit in the right position, improving the body’s posture and allowing for better blood flow. 

Easy To Use: The Back Brace Posture Corrector can be used at any time, and it is not seen while worn under a shirt or a t-shirt. It can be worn anywhere and without any discomfort. It is extremely practical, light and comfortable. 

Back Posture Corrector

An average person spends around 4 hours a day sitting. With additional activities (such as playing video games, sitting by the computer, driving a car), it is estimated that on average, people spend around 1/3 of their lives doing things that affect their posture (in a negative way). Once the pain kicks in, it is not too late to deal with the problem. Ignoring the pain will only cause things to get even worse. Do not hesitate to seek professional help, or try our posture corrector if you are feeling any type of back pain.

How To Use

1- Insert the ends of the straps into the back buckles

2- Wear the back brace and then stick the ends of the straps to the shoulder side of the brace as shown below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the size measured?

-Size is measured by chest, The Small size is adjustable between 18-28 inches The Medium is adjustable between 28-38 inches and the large is adjustable between 38-48 inches.

Is the product for both men and women, young and old?

-Absolutely yes! The thing that makes this product unique and different is the fact that it can be worn by everyone.

Can I Wear It All Day?

-Unfortunately, it may put a lot of tension on your back if you wore it all day. Instead, try using it for 20-45 minutes, and then take a small break. then do the same thing again That way, your body can naturally adapt to the changes, without causing any discomfort or pain. 

If I am not happy with the product, can I return it?

-Yes, definitely. In case you had it for a few days, and you are not satisfied with the results or the product itself, you can contact our customer support and seek a refund. 

One thing we can guarantee is quality! Not a single person ever asked for a refund. This just shows that our Posture Correction Brace is a universal product, specially designed to treat bad posture problems. The only way to find out if we are telling the truth is to get one today.


If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support to get an easy refund. We just ask that you at least give the product a 2 week try and we'll refund you, no questions!